About me: I grew up Mormon in a small Idaho town, in a faithful family with 3 awesome brothers. The Nielson family came from pioneer stock, and I served in the LDS Church all my life--until the day I left my faith behind. I would be gone for almost 15 years, before I returned to my faith. I have never been happier, since I came home.

Reader Comments
I really needed this book at this time in life. I have been feeling disgruntled with the church and some of the doctrine and started hating to go to church. But I was deeply touched by Susan's testimony when she became reactivated. I remember how I felt 20 years ago when I got a testimony of the church. I had never been happier. Reading this brought to my mind those old memories and feelings. I feel like trying again.
Thank you for sharing this.  Laura

"I couldn't stop reading Susan's book. Susan's story helped me realize that God has a timetable that none of us can see or understand, but we never know what kind words of support or what kind deeds will be helpful in someone's return to their faith."     Annie N.

"Susan's story helped me with my own struggling testimony." (Name withheld)

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I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away, and will bind up that which was broken, and will strengthen that which was sick"  Ezekiel

Susan is also the author of "Sister Suffragists," a story about the courageous women of Utah in the late 1800's.