Faith is hope; it's belief; it's a confidence in things not seen. Faith can provide a foundation for living life with meaning. 

As obvious as it sounds, faith is faith. It's not reason. We may read reasoned arguments about matters of faith or religion, both for or against. In the end, we each choose whether or not to believe.

Where we search for answers to questions of faith, and what we accept as credible sources, is important. At least it's important for honest seekers. Sometimes people make a decision not to believe first, and then they look for "evidence" that supports that decision. Others may simply stumble acorss some bit of "evidence" that rocks their world. The light dims. They choose doubt.

People who are believers may look for documentation that supports their belief, but they are perhaps more likely to believe because some light of understanding has either slowly dawned or sometimes burst inside them.

Faith is a muscle that must be exercised, or it atrophies. Doubt is easier, but it comes at a price. Choose faith