The national debate rages on over ways to avoid tragedies like those that occurred at Sandy Hook elementary school. Some are proposing bans on assault weapons; others want security officers stationed permanently in their schools. There is talk of limiting the use of violent video games; elsewhere a discussion continues regarding the need  for a broader understanding of mental  health issues. All of these measures taken indivdually or severally would help. But the probem may run deeper than that

Teens and adults seem to be suffering from a lack of roots; missing that feeling of connection to families, to neighborhoods, to school and church communities that make us feel accountable to each other. Instead our teens may find themselves victims of slurs broadcast sometimes anonymously over social media web sites. Those posting the venemous attacks feeling accountable to no one. A sense of isolation, a certain rootlessnes inevitably ensues.

Teens need supportive extended families, neighborhoods with homes that watch out for people who live on their streets. Communities of faith who both know and support their members.Civil discourse and collaboration from politicians, rather than damaging attacks, also wouldn't hurt.

But this blog is about faith.  It's about feeling accountable not only to each other, but to God. Having faith in a higher power who loves us, watches over us, and expects better, makes a difference in both the way we live our lives and the way we treat others. Choose faith.