If we think of trust as a bridge that runs between two relationships, it might be interesting to ask ourselves the question: Can God trust us? Rather than the question that we seem to ask more often: Can we trust God? If we look at our relationship with God in that light, what do we do to earn God’s trust? 

Consider three characteristics that we value highly in any close, trusting relationship: communication, integrity, and reliability. Let’s take communication first. God wants us to communicate with him regularly. He wants us to pray: to ask, to seek, to knock. Next, integrity. God expects us to have a strong moral character, to be honest, to be who we say we are, to have undivided loyalties. Last, but not least, reliability. Reliability means that we are capable of producing the same, consistent results across varying conditions; such that, for example, we are faithful both when life is easy and when it’s not. Thus God has faith in us in the same way we have faith in God.  Choose faith.