We are closing yet another cherished season of good will toward all.  A time when tight wallets creak open just a little bit wider for the benefit of others ; a time when we make a conscious effort to be more generous, patient, and loving to both friend and foe alike. It seems essential that we have an annual holiday season that allows us to take stock of our lives and think about what's most important. And we find that this experience of stepping outside ourselves creates that warm, tingly feeling of the season: Smiles brighter; hearts lighter. Families more united.
So why, perhaps,do too many of us stop there?  Is it such an effort for us to be kind and generous that we can only bring ourselves to behave that way once a year?  How do we instead, as Ebeneezer Scrooge determined, keep "Christmas" in our hearts all year?  

We do it by having faith that both we and everyone around us are cherished children of a God who loves us and who holds our happiness uppermost in his heart. A God who is no respecter of persons; who does not hold one above another. We do it by feeling that love and radiating it outward. We do it by choosing faith.