A friend of mine told me recently that not everyone can make and keep committments. I had to think about that one for awhile. Was she right?  Is making and keeping committments an ability that some have and others simply do not?

I understand that there are some things in life we can't change. No amount of wishing, for example, is likely to increase our height or perhaps even our IQ scores. And we can't control our basic genetic make up, at least for now.  But believing that making and and keeping commitments is an ability rather than a choice, frankly eludes me.

Perhaps in today's society, we have come to confuse the words can't and won't, as in this is just who I am, and I can't change that. As in, "I might burst into tears when I see him again. Nothing I can do about that. I'm just emotional." Or, "I can't possibly succeed on this team. These people just don't like me." Or, "I was just too oveloaded to see that problem coming."  And yes, "I'm just not the kind of person who can make and keep commitments."  Really?

An important part of faith is believing that we can change for the better; that we can repent, grow, and improve; that we are not stuck with who we are. We recognize that our behavior is under our control. Choose the faith to change and grow.