Reading Group Guide
1. The title of the book is "Coming Home." Did you feel this accurately described Susan's story? Why or why not?

2. Family relationships were a big part of Susan's journey back to her faith. How can you support family members struggling in their own crisis of faith?

3. Friends also played a part in Susan's decision. These friends were all diverse - some bishops or volunteer lay clergy (home teachers) in her religion and others who were not even of her faith. How did those friendships impact her choice? How did they demonstrate love for Susan, rather than judgment?

4.  What did you think of Soni’s relationship with Susan?  How were the two of them able to connect spiritually coming from such diverse backgrounds?

5.  Why do you think Susan chose not to provide specific details or justification regarding the darkness and confusion that led her away from her faith?

6.  Why do you think bad things happen to people who are trying so hard to be good?

7.  What was the significance of the Marcel Proust quotation at the end of the chapter, “Searching New Landscapes?”  In what way was this quotation reflective of Susan’s journey?

8.  Even after deciding to come back to church, Susan has moments where she struggles with her spirituality. It's a common path almost anyone can relate to, no matter their level of faith. Could you relate to that struggle?

9.  Currently, there's a religious trend for adults to "revert" to their childhood faith (link to USA Today article: What do you think brings people back to their childhood faith? Why as adults?

10.  It took Susan a long time to forgive others in her life, even though she believed she had already done so earlier.  What difference might it have made in her life, if she’d been able to forgive others sooner?