For most of us, trusting God means relying on someone we can neither see nor touch, only feel. This act of trust in the divine may sometimes seem a bit frightening, because it requires a leap of faith. Similar in some ways to the movie "Star Wars," when Yoda instructs Luke to  trust the force, rather than relying on his own limited perceptions, we as believers also place our trust in something beyond ourselves. We depend on God to know and love us, and that gives us hope.

We cannot ask God to protect us from everything that is wrong in the world. If we never struggle, we never grow. We never become someone better. Even if we accept that way of thinking, however, life's challenges can still prove to be very difficult. Sometimes all we can do is place our trust in God to help us heal our way out of bad situations. And that he will do. Every time. Without fail.

He will be there to catch us when we fall. He will fill our hearts with his love. He will help us rise above our circumstances. And he will place others in our way to help bear us up. He waits for us to ask; he waits for us to knock, and then he opens doors we never thought possible. Choose faith.