I went to see the new Batman movie, "Dark Knight Rises."  While I found the film to be the usual visual feast I've come to expect from similar super hero movies, the theme I found most interesting was the desire to start over, portrayed explicitly by Catwoman's obsession with a computer program called Fresh Start. It seems that Catwoman's past dogged her every step. She wanted to reinvent herself and begin again, but she couldn't make it happen without the fresh start program, which could apparently eliminate her past record and offer her a new lease on life. Which it did, once she acquired it.. By the end of the movie, Catwoman, well played by Anne Hathaway, had gone from looking like a high-toned vamp villian to the college girl next door in a ponytail.  

The movie made me think about how many people would love to reivent themselves but can't seem to shed their pasts. It doesn't take a faux computer program to make this happen. There is no secret here. The only thing necessary to make a fresh start is the desire to change, to repent, and to turn our lives over to God..  Choose faith:  Begin again