The value of making and keeping commitments to spouses, children, extended family members, and communities of faith seems to be waning, at least in much of our Western culture. Have we become so self focused that the only thing that matters is our own well being? Do we take our own termperature daily and ask ourselves if we're happy? And if we decide we're not, do we casually shed marriages, siblings, friends, neighborhoods, churches, or anything else we see as holding us back from being personally fufilled or entertained? 

One woman I met recently had a husband who walked out on her when she became ill. He didn't want to stick around and spend his time taking care of her. Another had a husband who was living a double life with a mistress in another country. (Or at least he was until his wife got wind of it.)  Another's husband just decided he wasn't having enough fun. So he abandoned wife and son to go find what he was missing. Another got hooked on pornography.

It's not just men. One wife I know of left her husband when she lost a lot of weight and decided she could do better. Another simply got tired of taking care of her children. So she left them with her husband and took off for parts unknown with someone else. Two sisters have quit speaking to each other over differences of opinion. Does all this running away from each other really make us happier in the end?

I suppose we could ask famous philanderers like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tiger Woods if they're happier today. But I think even for the rest of us, the answer is no. The happiest marriages are the most committed marriages. The happiest people are those who maintain the strength of both their personal and religious convictions. Choose commitment. Choose faith.