Sometimes we get impatient with faith. We pray, we wait; we pray, we wait. Nothing happens. We wonder why? Perhaps we’ve forgotten that while faith looks like a noun on paper, it’s really an action verb. Maybe we forgot to do our part; we forgot to move forward in faith. At times, we may get help with solutions to our problems from God in a burst of light. More often, we get answers here a little and there a little. Why is that? When I was a little girl, I found a small caterpillar on the school playground, struggling to get out of its cocoon. I decided to help. I broke open the cocoon only to have the little orange butterfly die in the palm of my hand. I had inadvertently denied it the struggle it needed to make its wings strong, killing it in the process. Maybe it’s the same with us and God. Maybe God lets us struggle so we can grow. He lets us walk to the edge of the light and wait. He asks us to Choose Faith.